Application sectors for Peristaltic and handling pumps


Dosing pumps for acids and for ph adjustment

Our peristaltic pumps range with pH control instrument Redox for the disinfection of swimming pools, obtained by chlorination, meets the needs of this application: hygiene, simplicity, strength, high precision adjustability of flow, low price. On demand, we can supply highly professional panel systems to be used in accordance with the ASL rules for collective swimming pools (sports centers, spa, nursing homes, etc…). The pumps range normally suggested for this application is the IPS/ME range, in its various versions. The replacement tubes that we can supply are perfectly compatible with the major brands commercially available.
1 Element
.Peristaltic pumps tool for swimming pools

.Peristaltic pumps tool for swimming pools

Pumps with tool on the machine for pH and Redox. Possibility of realization of dosing professional systems for community pools.