12 MAY 2016


Among the latest news related to the application of our peristaltic pumps, we can mention the dosing of products for the disinfection and the treatment of Legionella with our model IPCR10 in air and water treatment plants. Specific application: the dosage of precise quantities of the product allows the correct disinfection against Legionella bacteria from air handling systems, from tanks and hot and cold water systems. The peristaltic dispenser is controlled by a system that actuates it according to the need to introduce into the plant the right amount of product, in order to allow the perfect disinfection. The peristaltic pump must have such salient features: ignition connected to the system of command and control, regulation of capacity in speed, maximum discharge pressure of 3 Bar, high chemical resistance to the aggression of disinfecting products, rapid tube replacement, cleaning and easy maintenance, ease of use, competitive price and very small size. Our peristaltic pumps range IPCR10 is able to match the following characteristics: . the flow-rate has a variable speed, adjustable with convenient potentiometer on the front panel . the 230 Vac power supply allows the peristaltic dosing pump to be directly connected to the ventilation system, without the need of the power transformation. It is also possible to use a 24 Volt power in case of low-voltage installations · the peristaltic dosing pumps are perfectly self-priming up to a height of 2 meters ·. the discharge pressure is increasable up to a maximum of 3 Bar. If a pressure of more than 3 Bar is necessary (up to a maximum of 12 Bar), it is possible to use our ME electromagnetic pumps, adjustable, robust and economic . the tubes for peristaltic dosing pumps of the Teknoprene TPV range (SANTOPRENE/MARPRENE/NORPRENE/PHARMED/TYGON) used on this model are approved for the contact with food (FDA compliant) and they have an excellent resistance to the components of the disinfectants commonly used. For particularly aggressive products, high-strength tubes such as Teknoprene HCR/FKM/TWIN can be used. . the strength, combined with the simplicity of the adjustment system, provides an absolute competitiveness in terms of price.

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