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Replacement tubes for detergency peristaltic pumps "Teknoprene®"

Our replacement tubes for peristaltic pumps are made of special long-tested rubbers to offer customers maximum durability and reliability. The range of our rubber tubes for peristaltic pumps is called Teknoprene and it is divided into two products: Teknoprene TPV (for detergents, soaps and sanitizers) and Teknoprene SIL (for rinse-aid and softeners). We produce and currently hold in stock the tubes for peristaltic pumps in standard sizes and for the most common commercial brands. In particular, we have all the spare tubes in the sizes compatible with the main brands of peristaltic pumps for laundry and detergency, including SEKO, Injecta, Etatron, Brightwell, Welco, Verder, Aqua, Germac, Microdos, etc ... Standard sizes (in mm ) specific for the detergent sector: 6.2 x 10.5 - 6 x 10.3 - 8 x 14.4 - 9.6 x 16 - 6.4 x 12.8 - 6.4 x 11.2 - 8 x 12.8 - 6.4 x 9.6 - 5.8 x 9.3 - 3 x 8. The standard articles are available on our online shop at the link http://www.agipompe.com/ita/shop/ Download PDF      

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