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Tubing for peristaltic pumps "Teknoprene®"

Our replacement tubes for peristaltic pumps are made of special long-tested rubber to offer customers the maximum durability and reliability. Our range of rubber tubing for peristaltic pumps is called Teknoprene and is divided into two product families: replacement tubes made of standard rubbers for general applications, that offer the best durability at low cost: Teknoprene TPV (similar to the Norprene, Marprene and Pharmed rubbers) and Teknoprene SIL (similar to the Tygon3350, Versilic and Versitec rubbers) and replacement rubber tubes for special applications, that require a very high chemical resistance, to be defined according to the project (Teknoprene FKM, Teknoprene HCR, Teknoprene TWIN). We can also supply tubes for high pressures, made on the spindle, made of rubber with textile reinforcement. We produce and currently keep on stock tubes for peristaltic pumps in the standard sizes and for the most popular commercial brands (Watson-Marlow, Verder/Autoclude, Seko, Dosim, Gardner Denver, Boyser, etc ...). In particular, we have all the spare tubes in sizes compatible with the major brands of peristaltic pumps for laundry and detergency, including SEKO, Injecta, Etatron, Brightwell, Welco, Verder, Aqua, Germac, Microdos, etc ...

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Replacement tubes

Replacement tubes

Our "Teknoprene®" tubes range for peristaltic pumps meets all  the applications needs, even the most difficult ones. Our…