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Established in the 60s for the construction and sale of special pumps for the industry, in the 90s A.G.I. POMPE focused on the commercialization of pumps manufactured by reliable international partners. In 2014, with the entry into Teknofluor Srl, the previous technical experience has been put to the service of the new dynamic commercial reality, the result of the merger between the two existing technical and commercial souls. The products manufactured or marketed by us are the best technologically available and that AGI POMPE offers you with a full and qualified service for the process industry, laboratory and, more generally, in all industrial sectors. All products are distributed with the full commercial and logistical support of our partners, both in terms of support and pre-sales consulting and for the entire post-sales activities (in particular maintenance and repairs that are treated at our workshop in Milan, or, if necessary, directly from the manufacturers). Our product range consists of a wide range of pumps for the main industrial sectors: • "AGI POMPE" pneumatic diaphragm pumps, mechanical diaphragm pumps, solenoid diaphragm pumps. These dosing pumps models are distinguished by the different types of movement that determines their different technical characteristics: pneumatic diaphragm dosing pumps are inherently resistant to all chemical liquids, even the corrosive ones, and, in the absence of an electric motor, they can be easily configured for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX). The mechanical diaphragm metering pumps combine the practicality and the economy of the electric motor to their excellent chemical resistance. The solenoid diaphragm dosing pumps allow a wide range of applications for small capacities, including the practice management through electronic control boards (in mA, pulse, probe pH or Redox, etc ...) • "ALMATEC" double diaphragm pneumatic pumps made by machining of engineering plastics that offer the highest safety factor, particularly for aggressive chemical products or viscous products. The possibility of using conductive materials allowed us to easily obtain the ATEX certification for explosive environments. The diaphragm pneumatic pumps ALMATEC are the only choice in case of high quality standard specifications. The ALMATEC diaphragm pneumatic pumps are also available in special versions for high pressures. • "JESSBERGER" drum pumps made by dialing an electric or pneumatic motor to a rigid tubular, which allows the suction of liquid products, also particularly aggressive. The easy use, the availability of Atex certified drum pumps models for explosive environments and the low operating costs make them an ideal choice for the removal of products from drums and containers of industrial liquids transportation. The drum pumps are also available in special versions for viscous liquids. • "PAN WORLD" centrifugal pumps with magnetic drive, made of advanced plastics (ETFE), for the best resistance to very aggressive chemicals. The magnetic drive centrifugal pumps are the most appropriate choice for the transfer of liquids in industrial processes. • "ABAQUE" high pressure peristaltic pumps made of track shoes in lubrication oil bath, which offer the highest compression on the tube, even over 10 Bar. High pressure peristaltic pumps are the best choice for the handling of granular products or products containing coarse impurities, in the processes of water treatment and industrial wastewater, mining, marble and granite, filter presses, etc. ...

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General catalogue

General catalogue

General catalogue of pumps of various types (electromagnetic, pneumatic diaphragm, motor-driven diaphragm, plunger, magnetic drive, drums).