The production of snacks requires, for the topping, a precise dosage of ingredients in the liquid/creamy state, such as creams and additives (eggs, flavorings, syrups, etc …) in quantities and optimal mixing ratios. The peristaltic dosing pump is set on the delivery system, which regulates the ON/OFF dosage. The peristaltic pump has to have salient features such as: repeatability of the dosing, outlet pressure up to 2 Bar, self-priming of the product, small size, strength, hygiene, easy to clean, reliability, low maintenance, affordable price. Our peristaltic dosing pumps range IPS and IPL is able to match the following characteristics: . the flow is adjustable according to the operation time set by the PLC control according to the needs . the peristaltic pump is perfectly self-priming up to a height of 2 meters . the discharge pressure can be increased up to 2 Bar . the dosing is very precise and it can be increased with 6 rollers . the peristaltic pump offers an absolute competitive price The tubes for peristaltic pumps of the range Teknoprene TPV (SANTOPRENE/MARPRENE/NORPRENE/PHARMED/TYGON) are highly compatible with this application.