The dosage of oil for food in the manufacture of salty snacks requires a high precision for an optimal concentration of the dosed product. The peristaltic dosing dispenser is set into the processing machine, which doses the exact scheduled quantity. The peristaltic dosing pump has to have salient features such as: flow-rate adjustability, high chemical resistance to oils and to cleaning liquids, easy maintenance of the spare tube, strength, affordable price. Our peristaltic dosing pumps range IPCR/IPL is able to match the following characteristics: . the flow speed is adjustable through a practical front potentiometer . the multitension power supply 20-260 Vac allows the peristaltic dosing pump to be connected with whatever electric power available on the machines, even at low voltage . the peristaltic dosing pump is perfectly self-priming up to a height of 2 meters. . the discharge pressure can be increased up to 3 Bar. . absolute competitive price The tubes for peristaltic pumps of the range Teknoprene TPV (SANTOPRENE/MARPRENE/NORPRENE/PHARMED/TYGON) are highly compatible with this application