Among the last news connected with the applications of our peristaltic pumps, we can mention the project referring to our peristaltic pumps model IPS24 which are used in the water purification sector.

Specific application: dosing of sanitizing products (chlorine-based) in aqueducts situated in areas difficult to reach. More specifically, in portable self-powered equipments to be installed in uncomfortable plants (on river board, in the mountains, etc.) and necessary for the purification of water for public consumption.

The peristaltic dosing pump is directly mounted on an automatic system of analysis and definition of the parameters required by the offices of hygiene. It has to have salient features such as: fixed flow, 12 Volt supply with a low power consumption, because it is a battery or solar panel powered system. Other salient features are: outlet pressure not more than 1 Bar, excellent resistance to chlorine-based chemical products, small size, strength, reliability, low maintenance, affordable price.

The peristaltic pumps range IPS24 is able to match the following characteristics:

.The flow of the peristaltic pump is fixed, precalibrated during the production from 0.5 to 10 l/h according to necessities.

.Standard motor at 24 Vcc (12 Vcc on demand) and 230 Vac (24 Vac on demand) according to necessities.

.The peistaltic pump has a vertical suction up to a height of 2 meters

.1 Bar discharge pressure.

.The tubes for peristaltic pumps of the range Teknoprene TPV (SANTOPRENE/MARPRENE/NORPRENE/PHARMED/TYGON) used on this pump model offer an excellent resistance to acids and industrial bases of common use. For particularly aggressive products high resistance tubes can be used, such as Teknoprene HCR/FKM/TWIN

. The peristaltic pump offers an absolute competitive price  

For any further information about this application you can directly contact the manufacturer on the website