Among the latest news related to the application of our peristaltic dosing pumps, we can mention the project concerning the IPL10FS model for the filling of chemical products.

Specific application: for any manufacturer of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medicals, herbals, foods, colours, etc ... the shipment of the finished product is made in packages of variable shape and volume depending on the customer's request (bottles, jerry cans, etc .. .). All production lines are generally equipped with highly automated filling systems that allow to work hundreds or thousands of packs per hour. Given the hourly productivity, these filling systems require very long machine set-up times for the necessary washes and adjustments.
In today's market, the need to produce small batches of products for small test supplies, sampling, pre-series, etc ... clashes with the difficulties and setting times of automatic filling systems.
To this deficiency our IPL10FS system, equipped with a peristaltic dosing pump, responds by solving the problems of the automated systems, eliminating the bottlenecks of the latter:
. change of the product quickly achievable, installing a new set of connection tubes
. filling volume adjustment achievable in a few minutes
. simplicity of use by the operator
. safety for the operator

The IPL10FS system consists of an IPL10 peristaltic dosing pump with TIMER, fixed on a convenient support for the dispensing into containers of variable shape and size according to the need. To increase the filling accuracy, the system can be equipped with an electronic scale for the control of the weight and the adjustment of the dosage.
The IPL10FS filling system responds to the following characteristics:
· single or serial filling of chemical products
· ideal for production batches from 1 to 100 pieces
· setting times of maximum 5 minutes
· very fast filling times: for example 1 liter containers filled in 45" or less
· variable container dimensions according to customer’s request
· the pumping tubes are made of the most suitable materials for the contact with the pumped chemicals (Teknoprene TPV - SANTOPRENE / MARPRENE / NORPRENE / PHARMED / TYGON). For particularly aggressive products, high-strength tubes such as Teknoprene HCR / FKM / TWIN can be used
· the system offers, compared to other more complex systems, substantial savings both during the purchase and installation phase and during use