Among the latest news related to the application of our peristaltic pumps, we can mention the dosing project of water-based and UV inks with our IPL 10/100 model in multi-colour printing machines of the main European brands.

Specific application: dosing and mixing of liquid products such as inks, varnishes, coatings and additives during the printing phase.
The peristaltic doser is controlled by a system that operates it with timed cycles to introduce the right amount of ink into the ink distribution system, avoiding unnecessary waste.

Our range of peristaltic dosing pumps for dosing printing inks, both water and UV based (on request also for solvent based inks), meets the needs of this use: robustness, high chemical resistance, easy tube change (colour change) ), flow-rate adjustability, excellent suction capacity (self-priming), easy cleaning and maintenance, practicality of use, competitive price and very small dimensions. The possibility of reversibility of the operation allows to use the peristaltic pump both to carry and to recover the ink from the dispensing ink.
The range of peristaltic pumps usually proposed for this use is the IPI/IPL range in the various versions. The spare tubes we can offer are perfectly compatible with the main brands available on the market.

Our range of IPL 10/100 peristaltic pumps has the following characteristics:
· adjustable flow rate from 33 to 100 l/h
. start/stop command with front switch
. closed box IP40
· 230 Vdc power supply allows the peristaltic dosing pump to be directly connected to the system without the need for current transformation
. the peristaltic dosing pumps are perfectly self-priming up to the height of 2 meters
. the delivery pressure can be increased up to a maximum of 3 Bar
. tubes for peristaltic dosing pumps of the Teknoprene TPV range (SANTOPRENE/MARPRENE/NORPRENE/PHARMED/TYGON) used on this model are approved to the contact with food (according to FDA) and possess an excellent
resistance to products used in the composition of inks. For particularly aggressive products, high-strength tubes such as Teknoprene HCR/FKM/TWIN can be used
. the robust construction, combined with the simplicity of the adjustment system, offers an absolute price competitiveness