Among the latest news related to the application of our peristaltic dosing pumps we can mention the project concerning our IPCS4 model for the dosing of alcohol and flavorings in heating systems and furnishing fireplaces.

Specific application: the dosing of fuel and alcohol in small quantities allows the combustion to be fed directly with the right quantities of product. It is also possible to dose flavorings directly into the burner to create original odorous effects.
The IPCS4 peristaltic dosing pump is easy to install and it is connected directly to the flame management system. The IP55 case guarantees the possibility of positioning even in separate tecnical rooms, if this is necessary, allowing maximum design flexibility. The pump is equipped with a very quiet 230 Volt motor that allows it to be used directly at customer’s premises.

The peristaltic pump must have the following salient features: reduced flow-rate (even a few ml/min), 230 Volt power supply, outlet pressure up to 5 Bar, resistance to hydrocarbons, alcohol, flavorings and other combustibile products, small size, strength, reliability, reduced maintenance and low price.

The peristaltic pumps range IPCS4 has the following characteristics:
. the flow-rate of the peristaltic pump is fixed and it is calibrated in production according
to customer’s needs or as required
. on request, it is possible to equip the pump with a timed injection system adjustable by the user
. 230 Vac standard motors
. peristaltic pumps are perfectly self-priming up the the eight of 2 meters
. the delivery pressure can be increased up to 5 Bar
. tubes for peristaltic dosing pumps of the Teknoprene TPV range (SANTOPRENE/MARPRENE/NORPRENE/PHARMED/TYGON) used on this model have an excellent resistance to chemicals and hydrocarbons. For particularly aggressive products, high-strength tubes such as Teknoprene HCR/FKM/TWIN can be used
. the peristaltic pump offers an absolute competitiveness in terms of price