Among the latest news related to the application of our peristaltic pumps we can mention a project concerning our model IPCR6, for the dosage of detergents and rinse-aid in washing equipments (dishwashers, bar dishwashers and glasswashers).

The peristaltic doser is controlled by the dishwashing machine, which determines the switching ON/OFF of the dosing phase. The peristaltic pump must have the following salient features: possibility of regulation of the flow-rate, high chemical resistance to detergents and brighteners, easy maintenance of the spare tube, robustness and very low price.

Specific application: in industrial detergency detergents and rinse-aid dosers allow an optimal concentration of the product in dishwashers.

Our range of peristaltic pumps IPCR6 matches the following features:

. the flow rate is adjustable in speed through a practical potentiometer on the front
. 230 Volt power supply (on request multi-voltage 20-260 Vac)
. the pumps are perfectly self-priming up to the height of 2 meters
. the delivery pressure can be increased up to a maximum of 3 Bar
. the tubes for peristaltic pumps of the Teknoprene TPV range (SANTOPRENE/MARPRENE/NORPRENE/PHARMED/TYGON) used on this pump model have an excellent resistance to detergents, soaps, disinfectants and brighteners. For particularly aggressive products, high-strength tubes such as Teknoprene HCR/FKM/TWIN can be used
· absolute competitiveness in terms of price

General information: our range of peristaltic pumps covers flow-rates from 2.4 l/h up to 1,200 l/h and includes pumps for different dosing applications, from the Laboratory to the Industry. Our pumps and our tubes are 100% Made in Italy.