Among the latest news related to the application of our peristaltic dosing pumps, we can mention the project concerning our IPI350 model for the handling of tomato pulp.

Specific application: the need to automate the production processes of food specialties (ready sauces, frozen pizzas, lasagne, pre-cooked pasta, etc …) has led to the development of automated systems for dosing the recipe components. These systems provide for the dosing of predetermined quantities of tomato pulp for seasoning the product.

The automated dosing requires a pump with the following characteristics:
• adjustable flow-rate (even remotely by 0-20 mA signal) according to the system needs and to the requested concentration of the product
• low speed movement to avoid damaging the tomato pulp
• possibility of handling products containing small pieces (up to 2 cm diameter)
• Power 400 Volt
• outlet pressure up to 3 Bar, with good suction capacity even of low fluid or partially viscous products
• resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents
• small size, robustness, reliability
• reduced maintenance and easy cleaning (even with C.I.P. / S.I.P. systems)
• low price

Our IPI350 peristaltic dosing pump is easy to install and adjust, as it is supplied, upon request, with an autonomous speed control system adjustable by potentiometer or by 0-20 mA signal. The ignition, managed by the recipe system, guarantees precise dispensing of the desired quantity of product, allowing a constant presence of the ingredient at the right values. The IP55 motor (IP65 on request) guarantees the possibility of positioning it both in technical rooms and close to the mixing plant, allowing maximum design flexibility of the system.

Our range of IPI350 peristaltic pumps meets the following characteristics:

• standard power supply 400V, upon request 230V
• peristaltic pumps are perfectly self-priming up to a height of 2 meters
• tubes for peristaltic pumps of the range Teknoprene TPV
have an excellent resistance to chemical products and they are FDA food approved
. specal fittings made of stainless steel or commercial quality (threaded/DIN
11851/GAROLLA/TRICLAMP, etc …)
. for particolar aggressive products, high resistance tubes such as Teknoprene HCR/
FKM/TWIN can be used
. reduced maintenance (the only element subject to wear is the pumping tube)
. easy cleaning by disassembling the tube or by soda/acid washing or by means of
C.I.P./S.I.P. systems
• upon request, the flow-rate of the peristaltic pump can be regulated by the potentiometer
manageable by the user or by external system with 0-20 mA signal
• the peristaltic pump offers and absolute competitiveness in terms of price