"A.G.I. POMPE" Diaphragm metering pumps

"AGI POMPE" pneumatic diaphragm pumps, mechanical diaphragm pumps, solenoid diaphragm pumps. These dosing pumps models are distinguished by the different types of movement that determines their different technical characteristics:
pneumatic diaphragm dosing pumps are inherently resistant to all chemical liquids, even the corrosive ones, and, in the absence of an electric motor, they can be easily configured for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX). The mechanical diaphragm metering pumps combine the practicality and the economy of the electric motor to their excellent chemical resistance. The solenoid diaphragm dosing pumps allow a wide range of applications for small capacities, including the practice management through electronic control boards (in mA, pulse, probe pH or Redox, etc ...)