The range of peristaltic pumps developed and manufactured by our company is based on a close cooperation with Partner Companies with years of proven experience in the industrial sector.
Our dosing peristaltic pumps cover a very wide range of possible requirements, from the small pump for the micro dosage of mineral salts in aquariums to the big pump for the transfer of large volumes of lime milk for water treatment.
Every peristaltic pump is adapted to the client's project and realized by changing our basic models according to the needs of the specific application.
The versatility of our peristaltic pumps, together with the ready products available from stock, allows a quality service in a very short time, even for the supply of small quantities or single pieces.
The wide availability of products at stock allows us to perform a fast sampling service thus allowing Customers to be able to carry out an initial feasibility analysis and subsequent preliminary assessment of the project.
Our peristaltic dosing pumps, depending on the model, have fixed or adjustable flow rate (through the inverter or a control-dedicated board) and offer a wide range of flow rates from 0.1 ml/min up to 6,000 l/h.
Our peristaltic pumps have open motors (OEM) or IP55 enclosed motors or cases with different degrees of protection (IP40 - IP55 - IP65), depending on the model.
Our rubber tubes for peristaltic pumps are produced with the most technically suitable materials for the contact with the pumped liquids and offer high performances both in terms of duration and of pressure (up to 4 Bar).