Peristaltic pumps are one of the preferred choices for the realization of practical dosing systems, of easy maintenance and great flexibility of use. The peristaltic dosing pumps allow the user a quick change of the product, a good suction capacity, an excellent self-priming, the reversibility of the flow. Moreover, the systems based on peristaltic pumps have good dosing accuracies (indicatively 5%, improvable up to 3% with specifically designed pumps). The usually dosed liquids are acids, bases, alkalis, oils, aromas, suspensions of products also containing impurities, solids and viscous fluids. Peristaltic dosing pumps are the preferred choice for the dosage of food, medical or pharmaceutical liquids, since there is no contact between the mechanical part of the pump and the pumped product. The pumping tubes are made of rubber certified according to customer’s requirements (FDA and USP).