The dosage of sanitizing products (even chlorine-based ones) in aqueducts situated in areas difficult to reach and, more specifically, in portable self-powered equipments to be installed in uncomfortable plants (on river board, in the mountains, etc.), battery or solar panel powered, necessary for the purification of water for public consumption needs a peristaltic pump which has to have salient features such as: 12 Volt supply with a low power consumption, outlet pressure not more than 1 Bar, excellent resistance to chemical products, small size, strength, reliability, low maintenance, affordable price. The peristaltic pumps range IPS is able to match the following characteristics: . standard motor at 24 Vcc (12 Vcc on demand) according to necessities . the peristaltic pump is perfectly self-priming up to a height of 2 meters . 1 Bar discharge pressure . the peristaltic pump offers and absolute competitive price The tubes for peristaltic pumps of the range Teknoprene TPV (SANTOPRENE/MARPRENE/NORPRENE/PHARMED/TYGON) are highly compatible with this application.